Friday, March 20, 2009

M is for...

Hello! Update again. Been busy working on some comics/doujinshis but I figured why not an original art piece? Man, this is old. I drew this three years ago I anatomy and work on fabric is quite pitiful. But I did enjoy coloring her. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Miss Ice for you

Sorry for not updating in a while. my computer or more specifically my internet browser was acting up and freezing on me anytime I tried loading a page that had flash on it. weird, but more weird is how it seemed to have fixed itself. Hm.

Well, to make up for that, here's the superheroine known as Ice aka Tora Olafsdotter, the kind sweethearted princess of a mystic tribe of Norsemen.

I finally got around to giving her a background. It had started as a simple full face portrait and I felt it needed more. I know it's a bit too center, but I don't mind it for some reason. That iceberg was surprisingly difficult. Half of it looked just like the reference photo, but i couldn't quite get the other half just as accurately and so the result is this odd iceberg with deep trenches/cuts on one side. The snow was thankfully easy as was the sky. The water was easy too and after I added several filters I was done. I ended up editing her figure afterwards. It had been months since I had first drawn and colored it and I had found many anatomical and coloring mistakes that I was able to fix. It's still not perfect, but she's a bit healthier looking now. lol. XD Eh, it's a learning process.

Till the next pic!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Beware! Bats in the belfry!

Who says that? The Penguin?
–noun, plural -fries.
1. a bell tower, either attached to a church or other building or standing apart.
2. the part of a steeple or other structure in which a bell is hung.
3. a frame of timberwork that holds or encloses a bell.
4. Slang. head; mind: a belfry full of curious notions.
5. have bats in one's belfry. . I get it.

So yeah, here's a really really old picture. This was drawn...WAY over a year ago on Open Canvas (hence why it's purple). I think this was one of my first Batman fanarts. I had always drawn anime fanart, so I was having a shot at drawing a more Americanized style. I can't remember what it was that tickled my fancy and made me decide to draw them...

If you can't identify them, Going clock-wise...Jason Todd (Red Hood), Tim Drake (Robin), Cass Cain (Batgirl), and Dick Grayson (Nightwing)....all unmasked and looking rather chipper (except cass) for some reason. I was mostly practicing trying to draw them differently. I'm happy with Tim, but Jason and Dick do look like brothers. Cass, I'm happy with. This is my Cass Cain. Solemn, but young, pretty but unpolished. I think I had planned to draw Batman in there too, but never came around to it. Oh well, I like this better.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Why yes, that wallpaper is just lovely."

This was another request picture, one that I totally screwed up with the coloring. lol. Too dark and inconvenient, I know. Oh well, I enjoyed coloring Talia best.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Presenting Heir to the Damned...Damian al Ghul

Can't help it. Love the royal brat. XD Especially when Fabian Nicieza writes him. *cackles* Such a riot...(for those that don't know...this is reportedly, Batman and Talia's son)

Anyhoo, here's a few sketches I've done of him. Again, another Before and After...

This is another collection of sketches I drew beginning last year to two months later. Starting with the very anime-ish version to the final more realistic style. Still pretty anime-ish, but not as much methinks. I couldnt' decide on an age for him either. He looks like he could be 8 or 13. XD;; But in the end I had fun drawing him as a little kid.

Big picture btw. These sketches were done over the past year on MangaStudio (hence why they're pixelated in some parts...I didn't ink them so they were still in a sketch layer when I turned this into a jpeg.) Looks like I'm fond of young baby-faced Damian afterall. Eh, I'll post my other sketches where he looks older later on. These were a lot of fun. They're still very anime-ish in style, but I did try to put in a bit more details so they weren't too flat like the previous pictures above. The last one I did on here was screaming Damian this week. LOL, I had fun drawing his mouth. XD

Wonder if we'll be seeing him after Batman RIP storyline...perhaps we'll finally find out who he really is (batman's son or not). *shrugs* Eh, he was still entertaining for the while. XD

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Young Lady Cain...(ie. Batgirl Cass)

Just a few sketches of my favorite female character...Cassandra Cain, aka batgirl III.
These are the Before and After stages of my trying to adapt a more realistic style as opposed to my anime style.

This one was done last year around fall. Just me practicing various expressions and hairstyles. I sketched them out at work with a ball point pen. As you can see most of it is pretty inconsistent and still rather anime-ish.

These were done two to three months later. Haven't really drawn her much since then. In the Outsiders, her hair was a pixie haircut like the top right-hand one. But in her miniseries, she's gone back to the MOP of hair she had when she first got her book. Hm...I just realized something. I haven't seen any artist draw Cass smiling since OYL. (and no her drug-induced Dragon Lady sneer does not count...) Then again, she hasn't been given much reason to smile either... :(

Currently working on something that features her. Hopefully, I do her some justice.

Monday, November 17, 2008

What is the average age of a comic book artist?

I just found out that Rafael Albuquerque is 26 years old. For those that don't know, he's the artist of Blue Beetle (and even drew half of the Robin/Spoiler one-shot).

Yeah, I just found his Deviantart page...

Too bad I can't speak portuguese..

Man, I'm behind! Time to work more and get better FAST!